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Universities and research institutes

Agroscope, Wädenswil (CHE) – Agroecosystems and biodiversity.

University of Basel (CHE) – Man-Society-Environment.

University of Berne (CHE) – Institute for fish and wildlife health.

University of Neuchâtel (CHE) – Laboratory of ecology and epidemiology of parasites.

University of Zürich (CHE) – Department of evolutionary biology and environmental studies (several research groups).

Technical University of Braunschweig (DEU) – Group Molecular ecology.

Ghent University (BEL) – Wildlife health Ghent.

Natural history museums

Natural history museum Olten (CHE).

Natural history museum Thurgau, Frauenfeld (CHE).

Zoological museum Zürich (CHE).

Wildlife management agencies

Canton of Geneva (CHE) – Service de la biodiversité.

Canton of Schaffhausen (CHE) – Jagd- und Fischereiverwaltung.

Canton of Thurgau (CHE) – Departement für Justiz und Sicherheit, Jagd- und Fischereiverwaltung.

Canton of Zürich (CHE) – Amt für Landschaft und Natur, Fischerei- und Jagdverwaltung.

Kreisjagdverband Bad Tölz (DEU).

Associations and information centers

Friends of the Galapagos Islands Switzerland, Zürich (CHE) – further details here.

info fauna – karch, Neuchâtel (CHE).