Guiding philosophy

In wildlife management and conservation biology decisions are taken constantly, to the best of knowledge and belief. Wildlife Analysis wants to aid your work in the realm of knowledge, particularly with mathematical modeling (Analysis) and information (Information).

We aim to understand and practice mathematical modeling tailored to your needs: Your questions come first, and we chose the appropriate methods accordingly – not the other way round.

Perhaps you already possess data for your question. Perhaps no data are available. In such situations we can parameterize your models you need with published values that reflect the situation at hand to the greatest degree. Perhaps neither nor. Your question is new and possibly trendsetting, and we would like to help you answer it.

Our job: to generate robust and practice related results, in order to offer you a justified and comprehensible basis for decisions.

Wildlife Analysis does not want to miss expert knowledge and experiences. We want more: Together we create solutions that arise from the combination of your experience and our analytical knowledge.