Artificial intelligence

Biodiversity conservation planning
Analysis of natural history collections

Predictability of
declining biodiversity
Collaboration: Anthony Ives

Methods to assess the
predictability of
declining biodiversity

Collaboration: Hannes Geisser

Quantitative approach
to restore

Collaboration: Simone Pisano

Eco-epidemiological analysis
of crayfish communities
affected by crayfish plague

Amphibians and
plant protection strategies
Collaboration: Benedikt Schmidt, Agroscope

Spatio-temporal analysis
of (meta-)populations for
risk minimization

Collection data
Natural history museums
Collaboration: Hannes Geisser

Quantitative analyses

Wild boar
5 projects
Collaboration: Hannes Geisser

Abundance estimation
Dynamical analysis
Quantitative management

5 projects
Collaboration: Anthony Ives

Estimation of R0
Vaccination strategies
Predictability of disease spread

Fire salamander and Bsal
5 projects
Collaboration: see publications

Epidemiological modeling
Modeling spread scenarios

Nonindigenous species
Collaboration: Stefano Canessa

Analysis of efficient management options

Emerging wildlife diseases
3 projects
Collaboration: Jacob Koella, Stefano Canessa,
Benedikt Schmidt

Spatio-temporal population modeling
Mitigation strategies
Decision analysis

Alpine ibex colony
Collaboration: Iris Biebach

Analysis population growth
Habitat suitability
Sustainable harvesting

Round goby
Collaboration: Anouk N'Guyen

Spatio-temporal population modeling
Quantitative management

Inbreeding depression
Collaboration: Anthony Ives

Detecting inbreeding depression
in ecological time series
(new statistical method)

Collaboration: Wolf Blanckenhorn

How taxonomic uncertainty
and environmental effects can affect
quantitative biodiversity assessments

NGO office
2014 - 2015

Swiss Association of
Friends of the Galápagos Islands
more information

Alpine ibex
Lukas Keller, Iris Biebach,
Steffi Muff, Anthony Ives

How does
inbreeding affect
population dynamics?

Data management

„Post mortem, we sort them“
(Specify): Unifying database
of zoological collections

Collaboration: Irene Weinberger

Metapopulation dynamics
Quantitative habitat evaluation
Modelling dispersal potential

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