Artificial intelligence

Biodiversity conservation planning
Analysis of natural history collections

Data management
Naturmuseum Thurgau,
Zoologisches Museum Zürich

„Post mortem, we sort them“
Specify: a unified database of
natural history collections

Predictability of
declining biodiversity
Collaboration: Anthony Ives

Methods to assess the
predictability of
declining biodiversity

Collaboration: Hannes Geisser

Quantitative approach
to restore

Collaboration: Simone Pisano

Eco-epidemiological analysis
of crayfish communities
affected by crayfish plague

Amphibians and
plant protection strategies
Collaboration: Benedikt Schmidt, Agroscope

Spatio-temporal analysis
of (meta-)populations for
risk minimization

Collection data
Natural history museums
Collaboration: Hannes Geisser

Quantitative analyses

Wild boar
5 projects
Collaboration: Hannes Geisser

Abundance estimation
Dynamical analysis
Quantitative management

5 projects
Collaboration: Anthony Ives

Estimation of R0
Vaccination strategies
Predictability of disease spread

Fire salamander and Bsal
5 projects
Collaboration: see publications

Epidemiological modeling
Modeling spread scenarios

Nonindigenous species
Collaboration: Stefano Canessa

Analysis of efficient management options

Emerging wildlife diseases
3 projects
Collaboration: Jacob Koella, Stefano Canessa,
Benedikt Schmidt

Spatio-temporal population modeling
Mitigation strategies
Decision analysis

Alpine ibex colony
Collaboration: Iris Biebach

Analysis population growth
Habitat suitability
Sustainable harvesting

Round goby
Collaboration: Anouk N'Guyen

Spatio-temporal population modeling
Quantitative management

Inbreeding depression
Collaboration: Anthony Ives

Detecting inbreeding depression
in ecological time series
(new statistical method)

Collaboration: Wolf Blanckenhorn

How taxonomic uncertainty
and environmental effects can affect
quantitative biodiversity assessments

NGO office
2014 - 2015

Swiss Association of
Friends of the Galápagos Islands
more information

Alpine ibex
Lukas Keller, Iris Biebach,
Steffi Muff, Anthony Ives

How does
inbreeding affect
population dynamics?

Collaboration: Irene Weinberger

Metapopulation dynamics
Quantitative habitat evaluation
Modelling dispersal potential

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