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Technical reports

Project-related technical reports are written exclusively for our clients and are not listed here.

Websites & applications

Oberholzer B, Bozzuto C, Homberger P, Gächter R, Besmer B (2016): Centralized database and web application for zoological collections using the software Specify. Zoological Museum, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Bozzuto C (2014): naturVermittler – schau hin! Online blog about nature-related topics, maintained by (Anonymous).

Bozzuto C (2013): Website Wildlife Analysis GmbH. Zurich, Switzerland.

Bozzuto C, Pachlatko R, Furrer J, Geisser H (2013): Zum Fressen gern – eine modellhafte Annäherung an die Wirklichkeit. Interactive application (based on a mathematical model) on the topic “roe deer-lynx-hunting” for the traveling exhibition “Das Reh – durch Anpassung zum Erfolg”, Natural Museums of Frauenfeld and Olten, Switzerland.

Conferences & workshops

Weinberger I et al. (2017): Think national, act local: small mustelid conservation in Switzerland. Presentation at the 32nd European mustelid colloquium, University Claude Bernard Lyon, France.

Canessa S et al. (2017): Finding evidence-based amphibian conservation strategies in an
Presentation at the 19th European congress of herpetology, University of Salzburg, Austria.

Bozzuto C (2017): An integral projection model for the assessment of Bsal-related mitigation actions in fire salamander populations. Development and presentation of a mathematical model during an international Bsal workshop, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Bozzuto C (2016): Hilfe? Mathematik kann auch bei Bsal weiterhelfen. Presentation at the International conference on fire salamanders 2016, University of Basel, Switzerland.

N’Guyen A, Hirsch PE, Adrian-Kalchhauser I, Bozzuto C, Burkhardt-Holm P (2016): Population control of non-native round gobies – modelling different removal strategies. Poster presented at Neobiota 2016, Vianden, Luxemburg.